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Choosing the right hardware for your doors
Whether it comes to interior or exterior doors, you need different handles or locks to look great and work effectively. The hardware as a part of the door is also used any time you use the door. Therefore, it may be a small detail, but the impact is much deeper than you would expect.
Choosing door hardware is not as easy as the type of handle you are looking for. Door hardware also depends on the style of your home or the office, your preferred design, and even the material of the door. That’s why, when selecting door hardware, it is the best decision if you go with something classic, timeless, and uniquely shaped.

Premium Hardware

Stella Handle – Satin Chrom

Mediana Polaris Magnetic Lock – Satin
Atomika K8000 Concealed
Hinge – Satin


Manital S.r.l.
NoHAND maniglia anti covid / hand free door lever handle
NoHAND is a new handle that delivers a new concept and motion for the opening and closing of doors.

The patented model is destined to improve safety thanks to an innovative movement: the elbow and forearm are now the body parts delegated to the function of opening and closing doors in order to protect our hands from contamination of dangerous bacteria and viruses.
The handle is constructed in 304 Stainless Steel, and is available in a variety of finishes including: satin, polished and powder coated white or black.
NoHAND is characterized by a cylinder and an upward curve that facilitates the opening of doors with the elbow and forearm: a simple and modern design that focuses on functionality and practicality.

Handle: length 192 mm x 82 mm projection
Pull Handle: length 400 mm x 115mm projection
W.C. Latch: length 96 mm x 59 mm projection