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Modern interior doors will certainly improve your home style, and while you’ll just think that a door is simply a door it isn’t. A door can enhance the general look of the interior, and don’t ever think that you simply got to use an equivalent sort of door throughout your entire home or office.
The doors are essential to dividing an area and providing privacy and reducing noise between rooms. Choosing the proper one can truly enhance the decor and tone of an area. When choosing doors to install in your private or business space, make sure to think about the function, the same as aesthetics.

ITALdoors Interior Doors

ITALdoors has the largest selection of high-end interior Italian doors.

Our standard finishes are Wenge, Matte White, Gray, Light Oak, Mahogany, and Hazel.

All door models can be installed as any of the following door types single standard swing, double swing door, double bypass sliding (closets), double magnet (closets), pocket door, and wall mount sliding (barn door).

ITALdoors offers an all-inclusive door package including:
  • Door Panel
  • Door frame
  • Casings
  • Concealed Hinges
  • Passage Lock
  • Italian handle

We also offer special order doors with custom veneer, lacquer, or laminate finishings. Please contact our Miami office for more information at 1-800-615-DOOR

The safety and the first impression An entry door or front door is an exterior barrier. So, these doors have a safety function. The doorknob when locked to stay safe inside. Besides physical safety, doors serve to keep noise away, as well as weather conditions (air drafts), light in or out of your home. Beyond safety, the entry doors make the first impression of your home or your working space. For that reason, these doors are available in various materials. Therefore, material options are wood, steel, fiberglass, glass, and iron. Styles include modern, rustic, contemporary, and craftsman doors. Also make your home’s exterior beautiful, safe and sound with a replacement door.
Exterior Doors by Euro House USA Besides being a security door, our high-end entrance door blends technology with safety and infinite customization options. Please note that exterior door orders lead times are 12-16 weeks since special finishes and customization are involved, everything ships directly from Italy.

Premium Hardware

Stella Handle – Satin Chrom

Mediana Polaris Magnetic Lock – Satin
Atomika K8000 Concealed
Hinge – Satin